Services for Short Term Rentals Owners/Managers

Don’t leave money on the table relying only on one renting platform.

Get more guests and income thanks to our Personalized Solutions for you.


Airbnb New Hosts 1-1 Skype Call Training

By an expert from 5* hotel and Short Term Rentals Manager

Free for new hosts

* Creation of your listing step-by-step with you

* Choose your best pictures (choice of main picture and other pics)

* Write your description

* Choose prices with you

* Choose conditions with you

Contact us to schedule your One Hour Skype Conference Call with us!

E-Course DIY Website + Social Media

starting from $190

* Online video course with pdf worksheets

* How to get hosting for your website, do website creation and how to optimize your website

* Get your Social Pages for your Short Term Rentals


Listing Review for Hosts already on Airbnb

By an expert from 5* hotel and Short Term Rentals Manager

$50 / listing

* Review of your pictures (choice of main picture and other pics)

* Review of your description

* Review of your prices

* Review of your conditions

Website Development

Starting from $1000

* Get your website built by us

* Have a booking and payment system integrated in your website

* Have your reviews appear

* Have your calendars synced

* Have a Legal page with your House Rules

* Get 5 blog posts for your website blog optimized to appear in Google for your region

* Get 1 video done by us about things to see and do in your area for your future guests

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