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Do you want to change your diet and transition to a Plant-Based diet?

You hear people talking about protein, calcium or iron deficiencies?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the info you find?

Probably you want to know what to have in your kitchen and what to cook to eat well?

I hear ya! Remembering now the first week when I turned vegan 3 years ago. when one day I was lazy and just didn’t want to cook.

I felt I had no energy. I wondered, how could I eat well on a vegan diet? Fortunately, I knew some vegan people and I reached out to them.

To reassure my lack of energy had nothing to do with my new diet, but with my laziness on that day to cook some good food for me!

So, here I am now, 3 years later, with the right products in my cupboards and in my fridge, eating well -almost – every day.

My goal as a person caring for the environment is to help as many people as possible to follow this plant-based lifestyle.

That’s why I want to share with you my tips on how to transition to a vegan diet.

1- Have a set of good recipes

My favorite page for recipes is by far Bosh. They are the best especially if you want to impress your friends and family with your new diet choice.

From all the recipes I tried from them, not even once it turned out badly! I would even say better, it always turned AMAZING!

If you have read some of my recipes on this blog, you know that my partner is a great cook, well thanks to Bosh, I succeed to impress him as well sometimes!!

Having a good cookbook at home is a good way to find ideas in addition to finding ideas on Instagram or Pinterest.

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Plant-Based Meal Plan for Transition

2- Have efficient kitchenware

You might see that a lot of recipes are asking you to blend or mix nuts, fruits or veggies.

For that reason, having a good blender and nut mixer is something I would recommend. You can check the short list of things I need in my kitchen.

3 – The only supplement you need

I am doing blood test often since I turned vegan and I can tell you that my levels of Iron, Calcium, Proteins and Vit B12 are perfect.

The one thing that is recommended when being vegan is a Vit B12 supplementation.

vegan grocery-list
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Vegan Grocery List for First Time Vegan

5 – Have good dry products in your kitchen

I always have now some lentils pasta, some brown wild rice, some chickpeas, some red and black beans, some quinoa in my pantry.

For flours, I love chickpea flour to replace eggs for omelett for instance and coconut flour for its nice taste.

The only thing I buy on a daily basis are fruits and veggies from the market, the local shop or the ecological shop.

For my morning shake, I have some maca powder mixed with some soy milk. It’s a great alternative to coffee to give you a good boost!

Another thing to have at home is a mix of grounded seeds. Mine are flax seeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds. I especially love to add them to my morning breakfast bowl.

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Vegan Meal plan with calorie count

6- Have some nice snacks

My go-to snacks are nuts: mostly walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and dry fruits like apricots or dates.

Another snack that I love and I could eat a lot: nut butter. My favorite one is toasted almond butter cream but peanut butter is also amazing 🙂

Hope you like those tips to follow a Plant-Based Diet!

Over to you, share with me in the comments what are the biggest challenges you are facing since turning vegan?

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