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Have you just created your listing on Airbnb and you are wondering what to put in your Airbnb Welcome Basket for your first guests?

I remember when we had just started how happy I was to prepare little surprises for our future guests! Our guests were always grateful for the touch of attention!

Always go above the expectations of your guests is the best way to get those 5* reviews we all love!

Let’s see what are the amenities guests love the most when they get a Welcome Basket!

1- Welcome Book

What to put in your Welcome Book?

  • house rules
  • wifi passwords
  • check-out instructions
  • transportation information
  • appliance instructions
  • tips on restaurants
  • tips of sightseeing
  • some history of the area
  • your contact number
  • local food specialties
Airbnb Welcome Book Template
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2- Food & Drinks

After a long ride or a flight, we all love to have something to eat and drink. Here is what you could have for your guests:

  • little snacks, the best is if they are local snacks
  • a jar with bulk ground coffee
  • a jar with a bulk local tea leaves, green or black tea
  • a bottle of fresh water in the fridge, mine is a reusable jar with water from my water filter
  • some local organic fruits (if they don’t stay too long, otherwise it might turn bad if not eaten)
  • you could even go above and beyond baking a cake for them if you like to
  • a jar with bulk oat meal for their first breakfast
  • a jar with a mix of different nuts
  • a jar of local cookies

For return guests you can provide an extra bottle of wine. They will definitely appreciate and come over and over again!

3- Welcoming Note

Having a personal note handwritten is something that guests will love, especially if they don’t meet you at check-in.

Even if, you are welcoming the guest yourself, it’s always super nice to get a personal note when you relax in your accommodation.

4- Local postcards and maps

Having a couple of postcards will leave your guests delighted. You could even create your own postcards with the name of your Airbnb on it.

It’s a way for your guests to share your listing and be saved in wishlist of their family and friends!

A map with some local tips will be greatly appreciated as well!

5- Do I have to buy expensive things for my Welcome Basket?

Absolutely not! Most guests will be much happier with something special and personal than an expensive bottle of wine or champagne!

how much spend welcome basket
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A welcome note is almost free!

Find some local snacks that guests would love!

Having just a basket with different local organic fruits isn’t expensive and is a nice surprise on arrival for your Airbnb guests!

The goal is not to affect your budget but to give your guests this extra attention from you.

6- Why should I have a Welcome Basket?

It’s a great way to boost your reviews.

As we say the first impression is the most important. That’s one of the first thing that the guests will get from their trip to your area!

It will be unexpected because not so many hosts on Airbnb offer a Welcome Basket. So your listing will stand out for sure!

It shows your guests that you are thinking about them, that you show them their value.

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Over to you, do you have a Welcome Basket? What do you have inside?

Please remember to pin me!

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